Words cannot describe what the heart can see.

About the Artist

Laura Conliffe

 Staten Island, New York 





Artist Statement         I have been drawn to and interested in glass since I was a child.  Finding ways to paint with glass and create emotion with the medium are my constant challenges and rewards.  Each piece transforms from small cut pieces of glass to images that evoke emotion.  It is the magical process of color placement that transforms me and allows me to share myself with others. After 20 years of working in mixed media, acrylics, fiber and photography, I now work predominately in glass and clay. 

                                             No matter if the medium is clay or glass, I find myself constantly pulled into the souls of the characters through their eyes.  When working on clay masks the subjects find me.  I sometimes feel  I am just the vehicle in which the souls of others can pass.  Each mask I create seems to have a distinct personality yet as a collection they are very much related.

                                             As an artist I feel a responsibility to capture feelings and emotions in my work which can resonate across cultural and socio economic lines into the humanity we all share. When working in glass or clay the outcome of my work seems to place me one step closer to what I am trying to reach.